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!!!   Special and last of the #apmb4c concerts at Tavastia club (Helsinki 21-23 sept) : LIMITED EDITION ApocalypTEAca : Allegro and Adagio.

These 2 exclusive tea blends Allegro and Adagio were available for the first time during the #apmb4c U.S. Tour in May 2018. Now, there will also be a limited amount available during the Tavastia club concerts in Helsinki between 21-23 september 2018.

If you pre-order your ApocalypTEAca BEFORE the 15th of september, you can pick up your package at the merch, or at the Proloque Shop. Please do mention where and when you will pick up your ApocalypTEAca. A limited amount will be available for sale at the Tavastia merch desk.

If you are unable to attend the tour or if the limited stock at the merch is sold out, you can always order online but please note that additional EU shipping costs are applicable.

Cheers !



A spicy green gunpowder tea with powerful ginger, tempting cinnamon, stimulating tumeric, cool sparemint and a kick ass touch of black pepper

100g – 14,9€



A sweet, relaxing herbal infusion with seducing honeybush and orange, lovable rose petals, passionate rooibos, soothing lemon verbena
and a sexy touch of blue cornflower petals

100g – 14,9€



Order both limited teas at a reduced price : 2 x 100g – 24€


Allegro  Adagio


ALLEGRO and ADAGIO for the #apmb4c concerts at Tavastia club in Helsinki between 21-23 september 2018

If you wish to order or have a question regarding these exclusive teas, please send an email to info@apocalypteaca.com or fill in this form.

After receiving your order, we will inform you about the payment and delivery details.


Payment details

Transfer the exact amount to:

  • Bank (Europe): BNP Paribas Fortis
  • International Bank account number (IBAN) : BE02 2930 1957 3140
  • Bank Identification Code (BIC): GEBABEBB



    5 delicious flavors, exclusively blended for the amazing international rock band Apocalyptica. These are 5 totally different blends of tea and tisanes: a powerful black one, a delicious green tea, a fine, sophisticated flowery white tea, a hot & spicy rooibos and a lovely combination of herbs for chill moments.


    Sold in favour of : Think-Pink



    A powerful, spicy Black Tea, prepared according to a very old Wicca recipe. This Tea fights fatigue, takes care of your well-being and keeps your body and mind balanced.

    Ingredients : Black Tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, pepper, cornflower and apple.

    100g – 14.8 USD   (11,9€)




    A very tasty combination of green tea and oolong tea, that triggers all senses and stimulates your state of mind.

    Ingredients : China Chun Mee, Oolong, rose petals, cinnamon, orange, tumeric, apple, lemon zest, black current leaf, hibiscus, cranberry, ariona berry.

    100g – 14.8 USD   (11,9€)




    A fine, sophisticated, flowery white tea, that helps you to indulge calm, secure and peaceful moments of silence and meditation.

    Ingredients : Bai Mudan, rose petals, lavender, chamomile, marigold, cornflower, lemongrass

    50g – 9.8 USD   (7,9€)




    A hot & spicy rooibos, that lights your inner fire, and intensifies passionate and cosy moments.

    Ingredients : Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, chilipeppers, rose petals and orange.

    100g – 14.8 USD   (11,9€)
      50g –   7.7 USD   (6,2€)




    A delicious herbal infusion, good for every moment of the day, that stimulates your inner peace, and favours a good and efficacious sleep.

    Ingredients : Chamomile, Lavender, Anise, St John’s wort, Fennel, Cocoa, Liquorice, Orange, Verbena, Peppermint,Cinnamon, Ginger, Black cardamom, Vanilla.

    100g – 14.8 USD   (11,9€)




    Large 5-pack : 4 x 100g + 50g – 56USD   (44,9€)




    Order and Contact form

    If you wish to order or have a question regarding these exclusive teas, please send an email to info@apocalypteaca.com or fill in this form.

    After receiving your order, we will inform you about the total cost (incl. shipping) and payment details.



    Our mission | RELeaSeTea by Els Spandel

    Tea and herbal infusions have always been a passion to me. I feel like a tea missionnary in a world where coffee and softdrinks rule. Many people say they don’t like tea, but they haven’t even drunk real loose leaf quality tea or they steep the tea in a wrong way.

    By launching our RELeaSeTea project, we want all people (and in particular open minded not-tea-drinkers, youth and children) to get acquainted with this delicious healthy product of nature and all the variaties in flavour and colour. We try to achieve this by offering high quality organic tea, delicious blends, information about tea, going to events with our ‘tea stall’, organising tea tasting moments … etc.

    Els Spandel


    Press article

    Nieuwsblad (B) Press Article : ‘Metalband delighted with their very own tea made by Els’

    Apocalyptica - Brussels feb 2017
    Apocalyptica – Brussels feb 2017